Saturday, July 27, 2013

[web-design] help with my site


my site so far
thanks for david laccso for his hlep with this project.
editing the images for me.
and helping me out with the layout.
okay, have uploaded the new files to the server.
can some one take a look and let me know if it looksk good.
if it looks good.
then i need a programmer to just take a look at my php code.
then just to double check that i have got it correct.
so is experienced in php, and my sql.
if so.
then please contact me off list.
for one on one help.
then any pointers, of errors.
not to do it for me.
have done it my self.
but just to double check.
two questions i do have.
1. do i need at least one record in the three tables? in my sql, php my
2. to update the contact and events form, at least one record in the
database, which is empty.
3. do i need a form, if the user forgets their password and needs to
reset, or a form, then scripts to change the password.
would like your expert help.
ps: i will paste the url below.

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