Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[MyEmbroideryHaven] Alphabet - Topiary Impression: Letter C

Good day friends and members,   

Letter C won the voting this week… so here it is… I wonder which letter you’ll vote for next week! 

(Please read this message COMPLETELY before sending in questions… There is text after the graphic. Thanks)  

  The color scheme is dedicated to Chere this week!  Thanks for the inspiration.

This is Topiary Impression. The first color was inserted to make it easier to tap down the pile on terrycloth or fleece.  You can stitch the design as is or skip the first if you’d like a clean background. 

CAREFUL... NEW RULES:  I thought it would be nice to play a little this time.  I know that many of you need letters that are at the end of the alphabet and it`s always a drag having to wait to the end.  So this time around, I’ve elected to use the forum to run a poll for which letter comes next.  Whichever letter will have the more votes when I get ready to make a new letter will get done first.  You can vote on the forum at this link:

NOTE that no request sent in reply to this email directly to me or to the group will be answered.  I apologise from the bottom of my heart but there is just enough minutes in a day.. snif... snif... So if you want your say, you need to do it through the forum or you can do as before and simply wait for the letters to come to you in the order they will come in.  Hoping that this will be a fun experience for us all!!!!

If you are looking for the design or others you might have missed... go to . Log in with your Yahoo ID and password and then click on the DESIGNS folder and look in the folder there called  " Alphabet Topiary Impression " folder. 

Thank you and Have wonderful day! 



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