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I do have cPanel. I have tinkered with the site just by signing up for WordPress. If I go to my cPanel and download WordPress, will I be able to see the little bit of work I have already done? By downloading from my cPanel, will that let me use the plugins to create a shopping cart? Or would you recommend WordPress for a shopping cart?

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Prices differ, but you might look at these for photography which would work
for art work:

Photography eCommerce Packages:
Also, JAlbum and its hundreds of Skins allow you to make a site easily since
it writes the code for you. Believe there are Skins which have a shopping

If you have paid hosting, you already have WordPress ready to install. You
have to log into your account and use the Control Panel (cPanel) to install
it. Then you use the Dashboard to edit. If you have a free web site, you
need to check if you are allowed to use PHP and a database as these will be
needed for a true blog app like WordPress.


3 Plugins For Easily Migrating A WordPress Site, Tried & Tested: http://www

Installing WordPress:
3.2 Step 2: Create the Database and a User: http://codex.wordpress
How to install a WordPress Theme (Video): http://www.thewordpress
Getting Started with WordPress: http://codex.wordpress
Blogging with WordPress: http://www.htmlgoodies

How To Protect WordPress from Intrusion: Your Must-Read Checklist:


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Subject: [web-design] WordPress blog.


I was wondering if someone could give me an idea of what the going rate is
for designing a WordPress blog? I have someone that wants one done for their
artwork. They want to be able to have a shopping cart to sell some of their
work. I have found a template they like, but will have to add the plugin so
she can have her shopping cart. You can email me if you don't feel
comfortable talking price in the group. I have never done one of these, so
really have no idea what to charge.

Thanks for any help,

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