Saturday, June 1, 2013

[Finding_Designs] File - List Rules


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Please review the rules and help us keep our list a fun place to be.

E-mail lists are a collection of people with similar interests. These groups are generally fun and educational. This list is not for those who do not have the greater interest of our craft at heart - there are other lists which would more more suitable for you.

Membership in this list is not a right, it is a privilege that requires subscribers to behave in a mature and sensible manner.

Should your actions prove to be irresponsible and generate irrational controversy, personal attacks, libelous statements or other outbreaks that interfere with the interchange of ideas and mature debate on this list, your subscription will be terminated, and other list moderators will be notified and what they do with the information to protect their list is their discretion.

Here are some conditions of a subscription to this list:

1. Ad days are only on Monday! Please preface your subject line with AD or something similar to indicate that the post is an advertisement for sale items. Failure to comply with this request may result in moderation or ultimately termination of your subscription.

2. Please respect the list owner and moderators. Don't make posts advertising your list or other lists without consent. You are more than welcome to have your list in your signature line.

3. The copyright to all posts to this list remain with the poster and are not to be forwarded without permission of the original poster. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4. Be courteous to others on the list and be considerate of their time. When
replying to a post, be sure the subject line is appropriate, and only quote
what is necessary from the previous post. Use private email if the post only applies to a few.

5. We ask that new members post a brief introduction. Items might include
name, business name, years involved in embroidery or sewing, location, other related interests, future plans, club affiliations and other items of interest to our members.

6. Please refrain from discussing such hot topics as religion, politics,
controversial world events on the list. This is a world-wide list and opinions vary from country to country.

7. Last but certainly not least, illegal sharing of designs is forbidden on this list and will result in unsubscribe and banning of anyone who participates.

This group was formed to help you find the designs you need. Please be considerate with your requests and responses regarding designs.

Thank you for your interest in the Finding_Designs Group and have fun!

Finding Designs owner

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