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Re: [web-design] Fluid Web Design


Might help:

FitText.js plugin (FitText is a jQuery plugin that makes your font-sizes
flexible, allowing headlines to automatically-expand to fit the available
Adapt.js - Adaptive CSS:

responsivepx – screen-size testing tool:

Sizing (Web) components (13Jul2013):
In Search of the Holy Grail:
Choosing Dimensions for Your Web Page Layout: http://www.elated
How to create flexible sites quickly using standards like CSS and XHTML:
Designing for the Web: Resolution and Size: http://sitepointcom.createsend4
Care With Font Size:


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From: goon70056
Date: 7/15/2013 2:24:32 PM
Subject: [web-design] Fluid Web Design

I have been playing around with fluid web designs lately. I believe I almost
have it down, but the one thing I can not figure out is how to get text to
resize with a shift in window size. Can't seem to find a good tutorial on
this; all I keep coming across is media queries, which I am trying to avoid,
as as I almost positive there has to be a way to accomplish test re-sizing
without queries. Thanks in advance.

Derron (

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