Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Re: [HatchedDesignForum] HIA - Spokane Tour


Oh darlin', Santi will never be done shopping! She just left here and
they have 5 or 6 boxes to ship home! That doesn't even count the extra room
she will have going home since she brought new catalogs with her this trip
that won't be going back to South Africa! It was good to catch up with her.
It's been a while since we've spoken. Hopefully things in my life will
calm down some and I can get back to sewing. It's been a while! I was just
catching up on some of the new designs while she was here. Have you
ladies gone to the website and looked at the "Flirty Ladies"? I just fell in
love with those! We've all heard the expression, "real women have curves",
well, in this set of designs, these women have curves! They just make me
smile since I have a few (too many) curves myself! Take a look at them!

Santi sends her love to all of you. You just don't know how much she
appreciates you being there for her, supporting her (and not just by buying
designs!). But on the design side of this, I saw some new artwork she will be
working with and all I can say is start saving your pennies! When she
gets home she'll be back to work at the computer! These last couple of years
have been difficult for her between the surgery, radiation treatments and
she is still taking chemo tablets. Those kinds of things take a toll on you
but she is coping well :)

If you are close to one of her trunk shows, I really encourage you to go by
and meet her. It doesn't matter if you buy designs or not from her, she
just loves meeting "her ladies".


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franlaf1@yahoo.com writes:

I have finally been home long enough to finish my purse that we did at the
retreat in Spokane. Was really nice to be able to put a face to Santi and
see all her very inspirational items which her and Peter brought for the
tour. Hope they are still enjoying their tour and that Santi is still
shopping. Hope they will come to Spokane again (maybe next year).

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